MemberJExpress: Membership/ CPD Management System

MemberJExpress  is online information management system for Professional Organizations. MemberJExpress has the unique needs of managers and members of professional organizations in mind.
It takes care of all the aspects managing of Professional Organization:  Online Event Management, Member Directory, Mailing System, Profile Management, Member Segmentation by Sector, CPD Credit Management, Submission of CPD Returns, Instant access of CPD reports by members and Secretariat staff.

The system seamlessly integrates with Joomla Websites  and  consists  of Component, Modules  & Plugins  for various functions. Also Available in Standalone Mode.

Membership Information Management

Member Features

  • Updating of personal information and contact details
  • Upload Bio, CV and Profile photo
  • Member Help center
  • View an online directory of  Fellow Members
  • Track Payment Information
  • Members are able to view and download financial statements showing all the transactions and   balance for the current year.
  • Lipa na Mpesa  & CARD Payment Integration


  • Management of member status-Practicing, Non-Practicing, Special Case, De-registered, Disciplinary.
  • Updating of personal information and contact details for any member
  • Quickly search member
  • Change Member status
  • Automatically send annual invoice
  • Reset / send member password
  • Enable/ disable member login


  • Public Member Directory
  • Quickly search member
  • View an online directory of  Members

Special/Extra Features

  • Online store(Ecommerce) to sell eBooks, hardcover books, Merchandise (Bags, T-shirts, Stationery) Online
  • Document Management System to allow members to access confidential documents
  • Automated Invoicing  for events, Membership fees etc
  • Communities of practice for social engagement, interaction, conversations and belonging 
  • Bulk SMS Integration
  • Bulk Email Integration
  • Mobile (Android Apps).

Online Continuous Professional Development 


  • Browse and  Register for CPD Events
  • View CPD Reports for the current year and the previous year
  • Download  self  CPD Reports in PDF format
  • Submission of CPD Returns: Submit unstructured  CPD returns including attachments
  • Check the credits awarded for each unstructured CPD event
  • Request for letter of good standing
  • Member help center and enquiries platform


  • Add CPD Events.
  • Award structured CPD based  CPD credits predefined for various events
  • Award Unstructured CPD based on evidence submitted by members online
  • View / Download CPD Reports for any member
  • Approve/Award letter of good standing
  • Add new members to the online systems

Invoice Management System

  • 100% paperless process, which allows you to create, approves & manages all your invoices online instantly.
  • Branded Invoices
  • Self Service Invoice , I.e. members able  to see   due amounts and the  reason
  • Automated e-mail triggers when invoices are requested or approved.
  • Automatically save Client’s electronic payment information into the System.
  • Create, Approve and manage all your Clients list centrally.
  • Auto generate Periodic Invoices i.e. Annual Membership Fees
  • Generate Aged Receivable Reports automatically on scheduled day for review & payment pending information.
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