SaccoMint Microfinance Solution

SaccoMint is a Versatile and Efficient Microfinance Solution for Saccos and Microfinance Organization. It is very user friendly and ideal for any sacco ranging from 10 to over 10,000 members  with the ability to scale up.

Built on the trusted and secure platform of Microsoft C#  and Microsoft SQL Server your Sacco is guranteed cutting edge performance and  bilut on a world  class Micro finance solution

Core Feature List

  • Unlimited Configure Branches.
  • Tellers/ Cashier Support ( Front Office)
  • Extensive Client Data Fields.
  • Client Economic Activity
  • Funding Lines
  • Unlimited Saving and Loan Products
  • Installment periodicity
  • Currencies and Exchange Rate 
  • User & Role Management
  • Audit Trail
  • Loan Guarantees buy Shares
  • Credit Assurance.
  • Fees & Penalty
  • OverDraft
  • Term Deposit
  • Collateral Product
  • Client and Contract
  • Create Individual Client
  • Create Group or Corporate Client Create
  • Loan Contract.
  • Choose your client and product.
  • Define Loan Details.
  • Advanced Settings.
  • Guarantors and Collaterals.
  • Credit Committee.
  • Confirm Disbursment
  •  Manage Loan contract
  • Search Contract and access
  • Schedule Loan Repay.
  • Reschedule Disburse
  • Credit Line Tranche.
  • Write off.
  • Event Management.
  • Extensive Reporting


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