VoteMaster: Professional Membership Election Management System

The VoteMaster is easily an efficient, secure online voting system ideal for Professional Organizations. I provide an unlimited number of positions, candidates, and propositions. Standard ballot features include:

  • Voters sign in to their personalized ballot with secure voter credentials such as member ID, email, and unique password. 
  • Easy ballot set-up within a few minutes.
  • Secret ballots support anonymous voting.
  • Our ballot template supports positions (office / candidate), propositions / bylaws, and slate approval. 
  • Ballot positions include candidates, candidate photos inline, candidate biographies, as well as specific instructions such a maximum vote count for the position (e.g. Vote for no more than three of the following)
  • Voters can write-in candidates where permitted by the Voting Manager administrator. Write-in limits can be setup by the Voting Manager as well. 
  • No limit to the number of offices/candidates or propositions on a ballot.
  • The ballot includes your personal welcome message and any special instructions to your voting community, as well as a custom post-vote Thank you message.
  • Your Organization BRANDED ballot including your logo, URL, and color scheme.
  • Online support for voters needing voting assistance. 
  • Members can use any device to access the  system: Desktop, laptop, computer
  • Optional Voter confirmation page provides voting details for Voter's cast ballot and well as an emailed Voting Receipt confirming all selections on the voting record.

Election Management Features

With the Voting Manager secured web portal, the election administrator can set-up the ballot with personalized messages and upload the membership database quickly and easily. The AV Voting Manager area includes the following features standard:

  • Supports any number of voters per election. 
  • Manage your member database--upload your members and groups for voting, set the voter credentials such as member ID, email address, name or unique password. Easily add or remove voters based on last minute dues processing.
  • Easy step by step process to build your ballot, with convenient functionality to provide stylized formatting to biographies and CVs.
  • Add biographies and inline candidate photos. Add a photo that appears right next to the candidate's name. Ballot positions include candidates, candidate biographies. Optional per-position candidate messages
  • Candidates are able to upload campaign  material to their profile
  • Present stylized ballot issues or propositions to draw attention to changes and instructions (for Example draw attention to specific bylaw changes).
  • Personalized ballots based on district, region, or sub-group membership with no per-ballot fee.
  • Ballot preview. Preview the ballot items in the manager area as you edit the ballot and see the ballot items exactly how your voters will see them.
  • Complete edit capabilities.  Create a welcome message and any special instructions to your voting community, as well as a custom post-vote Thank you message.
  • Tests run your ballot prior to the Download a file of all NON-Voting members prior to the election close, to create a last-minute "remember to vote" email campaign.  Supports 15 time zones throughout the U.S. and the Western hemisphere.
  • Full time technical assistance during election period
  • Audit Trail for each voting transaction, the IP address and time is recorded.
  • Client side prevention of spoilt vote, i.e. election rules are enforced on the user side but with a help guide.

Election Reporting and Analytics

  • See the number of ballots cast and in-progress online at anytime in the Voting Manager.
  • Real-time vote tallies available online as well as a detailed audit of the election in the voting record summary PDF to track election progress!
  • Access a list of voters and non-voters as well as a list of ballots in progress real-time.
  • Secret Ballot reporting shares voting results and each ballot cast without sharing voter identification.
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